In a recent conversation between Teri Takai, Senior Vice President for the Center for Digital Government, and Gloria Salazar, former CEO of the San Joaquin Regional Transit, the two leaders discussed the most pressing issues facing the public-sector transportation space – and how technology can help solve these problems.

Here are three top challenges facing transportation leaders:

  1. Transition to Zero Emissions: Many public transit agencies, particularly in California, are transitioning to zero-emission options. Implementing new bus technology requires the development of new fueling infrastructure, data management systems and staff training. With new technology comes the necessity for new skills, leading to substantial financial requirements and comprehensive project planning.
  2. Workforce Challenges: The industry faces a deficit of operators, mechanics and highly specialized positions, exacerbated by the retirement of many senior transit employees. This shortage directly impacts service delivery and, consequently, ridership, making it a pressing issue that needs to be addressed.
  3. Ridership Recapture: The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted public transit ridership, raising questions about the industry’s relevance. Transit agencies need to invest in improving travel time and frequency, calling for a reinvention of business models, backed by extensive research and data on rider behavior and preferences.

What’s next?

To help empower and support transportation leaders, Government Technology is launching a new Transportation Initiative that will run from July 1 – December 2023. This program will provide actionable guidance and resources to help transportation leaders confront the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

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