In this Q&A, Zach Presnall, Director of Digital Marketing, and Dustin Haisler, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, discuss the potential of ChatGPT for marketers, focusing on its applications in campaign planning, content creation, and ad testing.

Q: How can marketers use ChatGPT as a tool to augment their campaign planning?

Zach Presnall: One way I use ChatGPT is for research when joining different calls. It quickly provides information on topics being discussed, like a sidekick whispering in your ear. It can help with understanding buzzwords, companies, or products. For marketing, it can generate ideas, such as ways to market to state and local governments, and suggest content creation approaches like articles, white papers, and webinars.

 Q: How can marketers apply ChatGPT to content creation and optimization?

Zach Presnall: ChatGPT can help with generating alternative headlines for content or breaking down a paper into separate articles. It can also suggest search-friendly keywords for specific topics, like technology modernization. By building on ideas, it can assist with identifying pain points to address in marketing materials. For example, you can create banner ads addressing budget constraints or workforce issues related to modernization.

 Q: Can ChatGPT be used to create email campaigns? 

Zach Presnall: Yes, you can use ChatGPT to write the first email of a lead nurture drip campaign. The key is to be specific in your request. For example, asking it to “write the first email of a lead nurture drip campaign to a CIO explaining the benefits of modernization” will yield better results. It’s important to use the results with caution and not publish them verbatim, but it’s great for building and exploring ideas.

Q: How can marketers use ChatGPT for ad testing on platforms like and

Zach Presnall: With awareness campaigns, it’s difficult to know what will resonate with the audience. I ask clients to provide two different versions of ads for newsletters and banner ads. With ChatGPT, you can quickly create multiple ad variants for AB testing. This helps determine which ad performs better, allowing you to double down on the winning message and inform future marketing tactics.

Dustin Haisler: Think of advertising not just as a brand amplification tool, but also as a way to front load long tail marketing campaigns with instantaneous traction and validation directly from the market. This can be done through research and digital advertising while building brand awareness and market traction.

 Q: How can marketers operationalize ChatGPT in their marketing teams and digital marketing programs?

Dustin Haisler: As our ChatGPT Digital Marketing Guru, Zach is available for consultations to help you understand how to operationalize this technology and generative AI with your marketing teams and digital marketing programs. Schedule a consult with Zach to explore the potential of ChatGPT for your organization. You can e-mail Zach at

ChatGPT offers numerous possibilities for marketers, from generating ideas and creating content to testing ads. By leveraging this powerful tool, marketers can optimize their campaigns, gain valuable insights, and ultimately, achieve better results.