Government Technology has published its annual “GovTech 100”—an exclusive list of the top 100 tech companies that sell to state and local governments as their primary customers. These companies are on the front line making government work more efficiently. They are innovative, ahead of the curve and making a difference in the way citizens interact with government.

The list is editorial-driven and shaped by a variety of key market experts, government employees, investors and the Government Technology editorial team.

Among the companies new to the list for 2024 are:

  • CityInnovate – Accelerates procurement, contracts and grants inside state, federal, and large local governments.
  • CivicEye – Delivers modern, easy-to-use cloud software for law enforcement and prosecutors that enhances daily workflows and improves community outcomes.
  • Harris Local Government – Provides specialized, mission-critical software designed specifically to meet public sector fund accounting, human resources, regulatory, and billing needs.
  • Polimorphic – Offers a constituent relationship management (CRM) system specifically built and developed for local and state governments.

An Industry of Innovation:

Government Technology (govtech) as a market segment helps governments perform mission-critical work to serve their communities effectively. The ninth annual GovTech 100 curation highlights the explosive growth of the govtech market and the leaders driving public-sector innovation.

“We’re witnessing a remarkable surge in innovation across the entire GovTech sector driven by new startups, partnerships and strategic mergers. The industry’s resilience and growth, even while other sectors slowed due to economic conditions, underscores the critical nature of technology’s role in solving the most complex government challenges,” said Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, Government Technology.

“The 2024 GovTech 100 exemplifies this market energy, as we saw innovation from the back-office ERPs to the citizen-facing service requests systems. It’s also important to remember, the GovTech 100 is a curation of a much larger market with hundreds of companies doing incredible work serving government agencies as their primary customer. We applaud all the companies that have chosen this market as their own.”

By the Numbers:

The GovTech 100 companies for 2024:

  • Collectively raised over $5.3 billion in funding
  • Attracted a total of 575 unique investors
  • Went through 294 rounds of funding (in total)
  • Are mostly privately held – 6% are publicly traded

Read the January feature of the GovTech 100 on and check out the full list: